Its all about the looks

Its been a couple of pretty big weeks for Findari – it all started when I saw that Google started listing sitelinks (like Sign In, Contact Us etc) for the keyword ‘’. A lot of search traffic to the site comes through the keywords findari or so these search results were important to the users.

Now the way the site was designed, there wasnt a Sign in Page –  to Sign In, the users just had to go to the main page and open a dialog (or more appropriately a modal box). Since the sitelink URL was incorrect – I had two options – either demote it using Google Webmaster tools or even better actually make a completely seperate Sign In page.

Thats where the journey began and from what was initially just a matter of adding another Sign In page (and maybe also a ‘Create New Account’ page) – turned out to be a major redesign for the whole website. So after roughly 10 days with very little sleep – I have managed to change the layout and theme of the whole site. To be fair – it wasnt just a spontaneous decision, I always had a little voice in the head saying ‘the layout is pretty bad’ but I was just supressing that voice because of the amount of work involved. However I was just underestimating the power of Bootstrap.

There are some functionality changes as well to reduce the clicks to get to the most requested pages in the site and removing redundant/confusing functionality.

Findari has also started to appear in search results (although on Page 2) for the main keyword ‘free matrimonial site‘ which is great news considering the site wasnt ranking on ANY page less than 15 days ago.

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  1. susma says:

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