To Spam Or Not to Spam…

When I was deciding on the best way to inform the users of findari if and when someone expresses interest in their profiles, I took a deliberate decision to not use emails. The reason being that I did not want to send them regular emails like the other sites and These paid sites send between 1-3 emails everyday to their users (I know because I had a profile on these sites earlier) basically

  •  asking you to pay, or
  • sending you matches that they think you would like or
  • asking you to pay or
  • sending you an interest request for your profile from another member and then asking you to pay…

well you get the picture. These emails get really annonying really fast – I thought that if users really wanted to either search for matches or check how many people had expressed interest in their profiles then they can just login to the site in their own free time instead of the site sending them regular reminders.

Well seems like I was a bit wrong, after taking the advice of a friend over the weekend and checking statistics on how many users had actually connected with each other (i.e. had expressed interest in each other’s profiles) I found that 31% of the ‘connected’ users had not logged back in the site which means they are not even aware of the fact that the person they expressed interest in has actually accepted their interest request.

Seems like there is a middle path I can (and should) follow which is to just send emails when two users are ‘connected’ because lets face it as much as I can dream in my own head – findari is no facebook and users wont log back in everyday to check if someone has accepted their interest request.

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