Findari – The Beginning

Well I finally decided to start a blog about the site (something about good SEO practise especially for start-ups). Also to mainly share the progress of Findari as it grows.

But first things first, the questions I get asked often are what does Findari mean? Why start a Free Matrimonial Site? What IS a Matrimonial Site?

First about the name Findari – the name doesn’t really mean anything unless you are part of the crazy world of online role playing game Illarion – in which case Findari is the goddess of air. The name was a result of not really being able to find any sane combination of the words – free matrimonial site (trust me I tried everything) which was still available as a domain name – so the next best thing to do is to choose a name which is easy to remember and is short – and voila Findari – 7 characters, 3 syllables – that’s the best I could do.

Next – what is a matrimonial site & why another matrimonial site

Matrimonial Site is like a dating site except when you contact other people on the site you are doing so for the sole purpose of getting married to them. Wiki has a nice explanation for Matrimonial Sites

If you look at the well established matrimonial sites like,, – you will soon realize that the cost to use these sites are quite high. Even though these sites allow you to register your profile, if you want to contact another member on the site – you need to become a paid member and memberships aren’t cheap !

There are alternatives to these paid matrimonial sites however most of the ‘free’ alternatives have such a bad layout, design and functionality that it was surprising to see they were ranking so high in Google. This is what led to Findari

It is still a work in progress and far from where ideally I would like it to be in terms of functionality however it has had a good start…

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